We had 5 riders that met at the Meridian Shell early that cold afternoon.

We then took SH-69, Swan Falls Rd, Kuna Cave Rd (went right by
tons of smelly cows), S. Robinson Rd, W. Dickman Rd,
S. Can Ada Rd, & Base Line Rd out to the Brand X Saloon.

Brand X Saloon in Melba from the far left (south) side. I had the Brand X Burger with fries plus spiked decaf coffee. Everyone else had already eaten before the ride so they just had drinkies.

Middle of Brand X Saloon which has murals on the wall.

Opposite view of our rides parked at the Brand X Saloon.

Close-up of our steeds at Brand X Saloon towards Double D Feed & Seed.

Next, north on Southside Rd to Nampa where we looped under
the railroad tracks to E. Powerline Rd/W. Victory Rd back to
Hwy 69 then south to E. Columbia Rd, east to S. Cloverdale,
east on W. Kuna Mora Rd, north on Pleasant Valley Rd to
Gowen Rd where I cut east while the rest went west.